Grundig Eton Satellit 750 Shortwave Radio (Yes, Shortwave)

eton%20satellit%207505.jpgThe Beef: I am not a shortwave enthusiast, by any means, but the industrial design, open for a literal interpretation on the industrial. It's got AM, FM, shortwave, longwave, SSB and aircraft band frequencies. There's a scan or manual input by 10-key. And check the analogue gauge and yellow-glow back lighting. Very nice. There's also an aux in for audio input. The Catch: It's shortwave. And $350.

eton satellit 7500.jpgeton satellit 7501.jpgeton satellit 75010.jpgeton satellit 75011.jpgeton satellit 75012.jpgeton satellit 75014.jpgeton satellit 75015.jpgeton satellit 7502.jpgeton satellit 7503.jpgeton satellit 7504.jpgeton satellit 7505.jpgeton satellit 7507.jpgeton satellit 7508.jpgeton satellit 7509.jpgeton satellit 7506.jpgeton satellit 75013.jpg

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