Grundig Eton FR1000 Voicelink Survival Radio Is Gorgeous

eton%20fr1000%20voicelink0.jpgAwesome: The Eton FR1000 Voicelink is maybe one of the most pornograpic survival radios I've ever seen, but functionally so. IT has AM/FM/NOAA Weather/2-Way GMRS Radio. And a Flashlight, siren, and Cellphone charger. It runs off of 4AAs, but has a hand crank. The design seems superfluous, but those cutouts actually protect the knobs. There's a large handle on the back. If I were to die stranded in the wilderness, I might be slightly less upset clutching one of these beautiful machines. $US150. The Catch: No word on water resistance, and the recessed knobs seem hard to turn with gloves on.

eton fr1000 voicelink0.jpgeton fr1000 voicelink1.jpgeton fr1000 voicelink2.jpgeton fr1000 voicelink3.jpgeton fr1000 voicelink4.jpgeton fr1000 voicelink5.jpgeton fr1000 voicelink6.jpgeton fr1000 voicelink7.jpgeton fr1000 voicelink8.jpg

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