Google Experimental Search Views Let You See Results as Timeline, Map and More

timelinegoogle.jpgGoogle has just unveiled a handful of new experimental search result views that you can make your new default, delivering you search results in timeline or map form, with new, more robust keyboard shortcuts, with a more detailed left-hand navigation menu or a number of others views.

Some of these, like the timeline or map result views, would only come in handy if you were doing a specific type of search. While they look pretty neat and could come in handy once in a great while, we can't really envision them catching on in any widespread fashion.

Some of the others, however, look to be much more functional. Shortcut aficionados will love the new keyboard shortcuts, allowing you to zip through a large number of search results without the inefficiency of using a mouse. Don't be surprised if these start functioning on the main Google search before too long.

You can see samples of all Google's new search views as well as make any one of them your default now, so go ahead and poke around and see if one catches your fancy. [Google Experimental Search Views via Official Google Blog]

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