Giz Salutes the Non-Booth-Babe Babes of CES

wide.jpgEverybody always talks about the booth babes at CES: models hired to draw nerds in with skimpy outfits and heads full of air. But who cares about them? If you want to see girls in skimpy outfits, there are plenty of places other than CES to find them. We're more into the non-booth-babe babes of CES, the women who are here who actually know about technology and are here to, you know, work. They're the beautiful women of PR and tech journalism who are a whole lot more than just a pretty face, and we'd take them over some bikini-clad airhead any day of the week. Videographer Richard Blakeley and noted letch Nick McGlynn went out and snapped some pics of some of the real babes of CES.


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