Giz Explains: Philips' Spring Product Line-Up

Philips_52PFL7603.jpgPhilips is a mammoth of a CE company, but in the US it's not always easy to see what those guys are up to. Here's a fast look at what's new—not merely refreshed—in the 2008 lineup:

• LCD is a big priority for them, and this CES Philips has an all-new LCD line, starting with the 7000 series. Dubbed the "Ultimate Dream TV," the $US2,800 52" 52PFL7603D has a 2-millisecond response time thanks to 120Hz ClearLCD technology, and it wouldn't be Philips without an Ambilight LED lightshow around the bezel. Along with design taken from their European Aurea TV line, the 7000 series also features a "invisible sounds system" which has the sound originate from the back of the TV, then uses the curved bezel to push the sound forward.

• The 5000 LCD series features an "Eco TV," the 42PFL5603D designed with a power-saving feature that dims the backlight in low ambient light and when content doesn't require as intense a backlight. Philips is calling the world's lowest power consumption—less than 0.15w on standby mode—scoring all kinds of certification. It's also lead-free.

• Philips is promoting a new Blu-ray player, the BDP7200 which is their first profile 1.1 player. There's nothing very thrilling about it except its sexy design and its low MSRP of $US350. That's if you can find it—hopefully it will be in wider production than its predecessor.Philips_BDP7200.jpg• Most of the other Philips announcements are refreshes of existing products, such as the Swarovski Active Crystals, the Streamium Wireless music system, and Ambisound Home Theater surround bar that features HDMI 1080p up conversion. [Philips]

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