Germ Guardian Air Sanitiser Scares You Well

germ-guardian-uv-c-room-air-sanitizer.JPGWe're not germophobes here at Gizmodo—not necessarily because we aren't afraid of tiny sickness-inducing attack—but because we're too lazy to dust let alone sterilise. But the Germ Guardian Air Sanitizer offers a lifestyle of sloth paranoia we could live with. Using UV-C rays (like similar models on the market), the device kills 99.9% of airborne germs with light alone. Why do we like it? The Germ Guardian's design induces feelings of an inescapable bleak future—like it's waiting for us to curse, at which point it will blind us with a flash of light and we'll boil in our skin. Now that's a conversation piece. $US200 [product via appliancist]

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