Gefen's HDMI-Over-Coax Means No New Wires for HDTV Everywhere

hdmi_coax_lovers.jpgGefen says it's figured out exactly how to move HDMI signals over the coaxial cable that already exists in many homes all over the world. The company plans to show the technology at CES next week that it says will ship in April. Gefen has been working on this tech that could make it much easier to move HDTV signals all over your house for a while, in fact, we saw a working demonstration of HDMI over coax at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention last April. But there's an added twist to this iteration that makes it a lot more convenient.

Now the company's added a back channel that lets you transmit infrared signals back to the source, controlling your components over coax, too. Neat. Maybe now that Gefen has teamed up with Pulse~LINK, a company that's pretty good at squeezing HD signals through various cables, this will move beyond vaporware and into the real world. It sure could be useful, sending HDMI signals all over a house that's already wired with coaxial cable. [Gefen Press Release]

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