Gamboxx Cabinets are XXX Hot

gameboxx11.JPGWe got a chance to feel up some new arcade cabinets from manufacturer Gameboxx. They have some new models on the show floor that only need a distributor to get to your door. The first (model GBU003), is a miniature, single-player cabinet with 7" screen, running $US699 retail (a price well worth feeling like a giant). We picture it next to our toaster.

The other cabinet that caught our eye was the GBD003, a sexy retro tabletop with sleek glossy black design and shiny chrome accents. Sitting two players, it's the perfect size to double as a coffee table. So there's no question—we need one now. That will be $US2000 if and when the model finds distribution.

The only catch? The system plays 156 generic titles, not real MAME stuff...until you hack it.


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