Fujifilm FinePix Z100fd, So Thin It's Anorexic

fujifilm_finepix_8mp.jpgFujifilm has slimmed down its FinePix camera even more—now it's just 19.8 mm thick—but the redesigned FinePix Z100fd still manages to cram 8 megapixels of imaging goodness into its slim form factor. It's available in four colour combinations, and even has a few smart features such as face detection technology that can identify 10 faces in the frame, sensibly focusing so all might be as sharp as possible. Looks like a lot of camera for $US249.95, available this month. [FujiFilm Press Release]

FinePix Z100fd brownFinePix Z100fd pink_FinePix Z100fd black1361_FinePix Z100fd SilverFinePix Z100fd Tuxedo

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