From Rumorware to Bandwagonware: Here Come the MacBook Air Accessories

Belkin_MacBook_Air.jpgIt starts with a case: This week, after one company preemptively announced a sexy MacBook Air sleeve before the Jobsnote, others have followed suit. Not only is there a real Manila folder case in the works, but others, from WaterField to Belkin, are launching their own lineups. Here are Belkin's first hasty MBA-friendly bags. (They're pretty, but almost too pretty. Is Belkin saying that the MacBook Air is for girls?) Like I said, the Bandwagonware starts with cases—easiest to fudge—but soon we think we'll see companies like Belkin, Targus, Kensington, DLO and Griffin popping other goodies, from neon rubber protective skins to any number of competitively priced drives and dongles, just to fit in. [Belkin]

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