Free Lines Concept Power Cable Unhides Your Ugly Electric Wiring

Freelines2crop.jpgEveryone has a wiring mess hidden somewhere in their home and sometimes its because power sockets just aren't where you need them to be: something this concept design by Sung-hun Choi is attempting to fix. The Free Lines power strip brings your wiring out from behind the wall where it rightly belongs and drapes it artfully across your room like an electric ribbon dotted with useful power points. We like its modular design, with clip-together cables and sockets, but have to say its best feature is how fascinatingly awful it is.

I mean, mains electric cables draped in big curves across your walls and floor as a design feature? Maybe if you live in an uber-cool loft, but in your average home it sounds too much like a trip-hazard or something extra for the cats to chew on. Keep them neatly and safely hidden away, that's the ticket: I'm for big ugly old-fashioned socket extensions! [Yanko designs]


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