Foxconn and United Keys Brings OLED Keyboards This Summer on the Cheap

oledkey.jpgThe only complaint we have with the Optimus Maximus display-changing OLED keyboard is its price, which is why this news of United Keys and Foxconn teaming up to build their own keyboards is exciting.

Foxconn, if you remember, manufactures many of Apple's iPods while at the same time breaking Chinese labour laws—which to us screams low, low prices. The team-up will bear fruit "as early as summer", bringing keyboards with OLED keys like the one pictured. It's still unclear which name brand company will be contracting Foxconn and United Keys for their technology, but our guess is that all the major keyboard manufacturers (Microsoft, Logitech, Apple and Razor) will get in on their party. Well, maybe not Apple. Either way, expect a keyboard that's slightly less than US$1500.

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