Flashlight DVR Perfect for Spies, Perverts

flashlight_dvr.jpgThe new Flashlight DVR Compact Digital Video Recorder from Swann is not the first time we have come across a flashlight with a built-in DVR, but it is certainly the most technologically advanced version to date. The device features a camcorder, still camera, built-in mic, high strength alloy case, and night vision technology.

It is also capable of in MPEG4 at 640x480, and it will give you about 8 hours of QVGA recording on a 1GB SD card (4GB max). If that wasn't enough there is even a panic siren that will alert others that you are in trouble. All of this can be yours for only $US399, which is a bit pricey unless you are part of a trained security team, or a really dedicated pervert. [Product Page via Bachelor Guy via DVICE]

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