First Shots Under The Hood of the Chevy Volt Hydrogen

hyvolt2.JPGGM may have announced their Chevy Volt Hydrogen concept months ago, but attendees at CES are getting the world's first look under the hood of the eco-friendly beast. More than just a random rendering, one can see Chevy's direction with eco-cars in some very clear side-by-side trends when compared to the original Chevy Volt.

hyvolt1 - two hydrogen tanks.JPGhyvolt10.JPGhyvolt11.JPGhyvolt2.JPGhyvolt3.JPGhyvolt4 - possible plug in.JPGhyvolt5.JPGhyvolt7.JPGhyvolt8.JPGhyvolt9.JPGhyvolt6 - short battery stack.JPG

Our notes:

Noticeable Differences Between Volt Hydrogen and Volt:

1. Volt Hydrogen features two hydrogen tanks near rear of vehicle.
2. Hydrogen still features a battery stack (we were told for electric-only option), but it's about 20% smaller than what you see in the Volt classic. (Specs say that it can go 40 miles on electric alone.)

Noticeable Similarities Between Volt Hydrogen and Volt:

1. That chassis looked identical—it's truly the Volt in hydrogen form.
2. It's called a Volt.

When can we expect to see it on the market? There's no official timeline out there, as GM is waiting for the hydrogen refueling infrastructure problems to be solved before launching a hydrogen car. In addition, GM isn't finalizing the design until they see how the Volt performs for the masses.

And as for that infrastructure problem, "we're working on a solution," a GM spokesperson said.

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