First Case Announced for MacBook Air Creates New Rumorware Category

aria_splash2.jpgBehold the new Aria, the only worthy case for the new, magical and still-completely-inexistent MacBook Air. It looks absolutely amazing. Lickable. Pantsable. Apparently it's made of italian leather and aluminium by Orbino. Or probably, just Italian pixels and cappuccino vapour:

We don't know if Orbino has a special relationship with Apple that has got them early access to the MacBook Air's physical specs. Perhaps they sold their souls to the Devil to get them. Or to Steve Jobs, if you are one of those who think they are not the same person. Or perhaps this is just a smart publicity stunt, which is precisely what we think it may be.

The only thing we know for sure is that this was hidden inside their web site, not in the open. Could this be yet-one-more "evidence" confirming the rumoured MacBook Air? Or just a clever way to get everyone's attention for five minutes today? Well, for sure, they achieved that last one.

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[Gizmodo ES —Thanks Edu]

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