Firmware Hack to Transform Your iPod 5G Into an iPod Touch (Kind of)

Photo%207-1.jpgHackers l3lack J4ck, The Revival, and djdut2000 have put together yet another modified iPod firmware, this time to mimic the iPod Touch interface in your iPod 5G. In fact, it has a bit of the Touch and a bit of the iPod Classic, as the other screenshots show:



Obviously, it's not going to be the same thing without real on-screen touchy-touchy action but the results seem quite good. In fact, even while it has some little bugs that are being resolved now, it looks surprisingly polished to me. However, like all non-Apple modifications, be aware that this may void your guarantee, render your iPod useless and make a lightning fall from the sky and disintegrate you. [Bryce Bender]

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