Faucet Buddy Could Save Money, Water and Sensitive Skin

faucet_buddy.jpgIf you have ever lived in an area under drought conditions, you know how important it is to conserve water. Given that my neck of the woods is currently in the midst of a severe drought, the Faucet Buddy concept from designer Baek Uyeol piqued my interest with a display that indicates the amount of water being used, and its current temperature.

Despite the fact that the government has severely restricted water usage, I still see local suburban zombies sprinkling away in an attempt crush the competition in their neighborhood "lawn wars." Perhaps a visual aid like the one found in the Faucet Buddy would help these morons come to their senses before I have to drop a deuce in the woods or take a shower with bottled water. Too bad it's not an actual product. [Yanko Design]

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