Everio GZ-HD6 is First Consumer HDD Camera to Output 1080p Using Chip Tricks, Says JVC

GZHD6.jpgJVC has fired out a bunch of new HDD-recording camcorders recently, but the Everio GZ-HD6 offers something special: it outputs video at a cracking 1080/60p pace. A smaller successor to last year's HD7, the HD6 has the same 3-CCD full HD sensor system, this time married to a 10x optical zoom lens. With a bigger 120GB hard drive, the new Everio can store about 10 hours of max-resolution video, as well as shooting to SDHC cards. And there is something even more magical about the HD6: its conversion engine.

Despite recording in MPEG 2 1080i, the camera uses a conversion engine to fire out a 1080/60p signal through HDMI to your HDTV. This is, according to JVC, a world first. To find out whether this improves your video viewing quality, you'll have to wait until mid-February to buy it in Japan and spend ¥170,000 ($1,800) on the HD6 or ¥150,000 ($1,600) on its 60GB sibling, the HD5. [AV Watch]

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