Electric Mini Shoe City Complete With Godzilla...What?

onitsuka_shoe.jpgJapanese footwear company Onitsuka Tiger is getting a major promotional boost thanks to this 1 metre long illuminated shoe developed by the folks at Freedom of Creation. The work is intended to "communicate Onitsuka Tiger's Japanese roots" in the form of a highly detailed city-shoe. It has everything from billboards to buildings —and if you will notice, the Onitsuka Tiger stripes represent streets and highways and a Godzilla-like monster looms over the city.


Freedom of Creation has also developed smaller versions of the shoe to be placed in Onitsuka Tiger stores worldwide. They have even gone so far as to develop USB stick and key ring versions to spread the product awareness even further. Now that's what I call marketing! [Freedom of Creation via Dezeen via DVICE]

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