DVico TViX HD, Your 1080p Trash Can

tvix_m-5100sh_front.jpgWe like the idea of just tossing our precious HD media into the trash, which is basically what you can do with the cylindrical TViX HD multimedia hub by DVico. You can rip DVDs to the hard drive (in true .iso format), record shows via an optional over-the-air HD tuner, play back a ridiculous amount of file formats, connect through Ethernet to your LAN and add plenty more functionality through a slew of USB ports.

AU: This isn't exactly a new product - it was available in Australia late last year. Local distributors are Lako Pacific, for those keen on getting their hands on one.

We're not certain just how much 7,200RPM storage comes bundled in this setup (if any), but at US$520, it's not a bad looking media hub.

AU: It's $799 over here with 320GB and a HD tuner included.

[Product via Crave and GadgetGrid]

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