DisplayMate USB, Easy Test Patterns Directly From a Thumb Drive

dpsplaymate_front.jpgDisplayMate is the standard of the video testing game, and now it just got a whole lot easier to use with DisplayMate USB Edition. To run any monitor through DisplayMate's sophisticated suite of visual tasks, all you need to do is plug this USB drive into the monitor's PC, an LED lights up on its tip, and a dialogue box pops up on screen, offering to run it right from there with no installation necessary.


Then it'll feed just about every test pattern you can imagine into projectors, televisions, CRT displays, LCD and plasma. We're taking this little sucker to CES, and we'll be able to run displays through the DisplayMate obstacle course, as long they're hooked up to a PC. It's excellent, and well worth the $US79 for the DisplayMate for Windows on USB. DisplayMate for Windows Video Edition on USB is $US99, and DisplayMate Multimedia Edition on USB is $US495. [DisplayMate]

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