Custom Master Chief Transformer: (Gasp) Having...Trouble... Breathing!

halo_transformer.jpgWhen I came across this custom Master Chief transformer, I have to admit that my heat skipped a beat. If yours did too, you are a huge geek and we love you for it. And the best part is you can actually own this bad boy if you are up to the task of outbidding the competition. Here is the skinny straight from the creator:


You are looking at a very special auction for a 6" tall Transformers Custom Master Chief (AKA Spartan Prime) APC 117 Armored Personnel Carrier. This figure has been repainted to match Master Chief himself. He has multiple points of articulation and has also been sealed, meaning you can pose him in all sorts of awesome poses. Instructions are included because these figures can be hard to figure out. This guy also comes with an assortment of weapons just like the ones in the game. He also comes with a miniature version of Master Chief and an alien. Master Chief has two hidden missile bays along with some hidden grenades and pistol. But keep in mind this is a custom and no custom is perfect so be careful when posing him. The details really bring the character to life and must be seen in person, Plus I am not a vary good photographer so the pictures do not do this custom any justice! Master Chief will look great on your shelf next to the rest of your collection as an accurate portrayal of the character.

If you want to get in on the action, you have about three days left. The bid is currently at $US75 on eBay, but my guess is that it will sell for a hefty sum when all is said and done. [eBay via Gearfuse]

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