Creative TravelSound 80, a Tight-Fitting Home for iPod nano

0033_image.jpgThe Creative TravelSound 80 is small sheathe that you can just slide your iPod nano into. Ooo, that's a tight fit, baby. Once it's nestled inside, its mini speaker blasts the tunes, sounding crystal clear for its size. Well, its sound has a rather hot high end, but what do you expect from such a puny thing? It built-in rechargeable battery replenishes your iPod's power, and you can plug it in to charge them both. This bauble isn't even announced yet, so you heard it here first, but you'll have to hold your $90 until March or April before you can introduce it to your little nano Sounds a lot like that JLab MiniBlaster for nano we tested a while ago, which was a whole lot cheaper but sounded pretty good, too.

0033 image0035 image0031 image0034 image0032 image

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