Crazy Gadget Art For Geeky Snobs

emo_kid.jpgYou don't have to be the kind of guy who wears sweaters around his neck, owns tiny dogs, and has friends named Chazz to enjoy great art. With the world of electronics expanding at such a rapid pace, it is no wonder that more and more artists are using gadgets as a medium for their work. That means that even the biggest gadget geeks can enjoy a little culture now and then. There are tons of works out there already, so consider the following 10 pieces as an introduction into the world of crazy gadget art.

Wii ArtVHS ArtHeadphones Art ProjectSteampunk LaptopYellowRecycled Gadget Animal BotsRubikscubismeArt From Computer PartsFRITTUREFlat Time and Flat Life

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