Converse-inspired Furniture Is Loaded With Speaker Power

converse_speaker.jpgKorean design studio 3F has taken a chunk of inspiration from the classic Converse sneaker for this weird piece of furniture. Vaguely resembling a giant boot, it's covered with speakers (11 or more that we can see) to blast out your sounds, and is decorated with sketches of Converse boots flying around and doing all kinds of odd things. Its angular shape and chunky size may not be to everyone's taste, but mainly we're wondering what you do with it: sit on it and get your butt blasted with sound? Lean nonchalantly against it and hope not to fall? Eat your lunch off it? 3F's tagline may well be "Furniture from Fun" but we suggest they add "befuddling but cool stuff" too.
[3F-Studio via Yanko designs]

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