CES Touchscreen Roundup

Shogo_Frame.jpgI don't know if you guys have heard, but buttons are totally out. Touchscreens? Totally in. Yeah, I know. I'm not psyched about it either. But let's see a sampling of some of the new devices you can expect to see touchscreen functionality forced into in 2008. Drumroll, please…

-RealEase Shogo Digital Picture Frame
-Asus R700 3D GPS Navigator
-iRiver Wing UMPC
-Sony Mylo 2
-Samsung SC-HMX20C HD Camcorder
-Sony NV-U83T GPS Navigator
-Logitech Harmony One IR Remote

So, sage readers: what devices have earned the right to have a touchscreen, and which ones are forcing it? Lay your judgment down in the comments.

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