Casio's EXILIM Pro EX-F1 Takes Still Pics at 60 FPS, Video at 1,200 FPS

EX-F1_ff.jpgTaking action shots is hard. You need to have perfect timing, and if your one shot doesn't come out well, you've missed your chance. You want to capture your brother shooting grape soda out his nose perfectly, after all. Casio's new EXILIM Pro EX-F1 is a new shooter than can take up to 60 full-resolution still photos in one second, ensuring that at least one comes out well. We saw this as a prototype, but the real deal is even better than we anticipated, and we were already excited.


If you don't feel like wasting your whole memory card in a second, there's a "slow motion view" that lets you choose which shot you actually want to take by slowing down the action in the viewfinder. Essentially, it takes the 60 shots and tosses any that you don't hit the button during. It can also record movies at a whopping 1,200 frames per second, allowing you to slow it down later without losing image. Last but not least, it records video in high-def at 60fps. It looks to be a pretty hot camera, especially for people who want to take a lot of action shots. It'll drop in March for $US999.99.

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