CarCapsule Will Not Help You Swallow Your Car Whole

carcapsule%20GI.jpgThe CarCapsule is rather self explanatory—it's a capsule for your car. Given the $US269 price point for an 8-foot version, or $US419 for the 22-foot version, we're guessing you'll be wanting a pretty nice car that would be worth the fuss of setup, as well as the cost of mass, super tough PVC. If you have a Ferrari, you're probably wondering how it works. Wonder no more:

Unzip the CarCapsule, drive your car into the middle, zip the case up, allow the integrated fans to inflate the device and watch as your car becomes the center piece for your very own, life sized snow dome. If the whole idea was not crazy enough, the fans do not stop once the casing is inflated, oh no, they carry on pumping air so your car has enough oxygen to breathe. Sure it's ridiculous, but a giant bubble of plastic excites us for some reason. Imagine one of these in your driveway—priceless. [CarCapsule via Oh Gizmo]

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