Car On A Stick Is Urban Transport Concept by Day, Street Light by Night

caronsticksq.jpgRoss Lovegrove's Car on a Stick concept takes multi-tasking to extremes. The latest idea from the former Apple and Sony designer, who has quite a penchant for solar-powered thingies is a solar-powered transport pod that can carry up to four people, plus shopping bags, that can be stored in an ingenious fashion.


A telescopic pole beneath the vehicle enables the car on a stick to be raised when not in use, keeping it off the road and transforming it into a street light. Sat-nav equipped, the bubble cars respond to voice commands and gather energy via a solar canopy on the roof.

There is about as much chance of this becoming reality, sadly, as there is of me editing Engadget. Yeah, I keep turning down their desperate advances. [Dezeen]

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