Bug Labs Store Launches Monday, Minus Wi-Fi

buglabs.pngBug Labs, the open source gadget hardware kit, will go on sale on Monday at around noon EST. But without Wi-Fi. Getting reliable open source Wi-Fi drivers in the base unit has been problematic, so they're launching without it in a special HiroP unit, named after the main character in Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash. There is some good news, though.


It will be priced the same, despite having a cool joystick based controller. Later on, a Wi-Fi module, will come for HiroP owners, which can be bought at cost. HiroP buyers will also get a free IO module, the Von Hippel, for their trouble. And those who want to wait for the Wi-Fi enabled pieces can do so later, still able to keep the early adopter discount. [Bug]

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