Brando Hard Drive Enclosure Is Serious About Security, Protects Your Data With RFID Key

STYSEN_RFID_HDD1_640.jpgThe Stysen E08 2.5" hard drive enclosure is designed to add an extra layer of protection to your sensitive data: RFID activation. By activating the RFID key near the box you can arm or disarm the on-board encryption, making stored data useful to you and useless to a thief. Sounds pretty cunning, especially the feature that means if it's locked and connected to a new computer, it appears as a virgin disk ready for formatting.


Since all the data encryption done in firmware and hardware it requires no special drivers, it should play nicely with both Macs and PCs via USB 2, and since it's bus-powered the only extra thing you need to carry around is one of its keys.

Like many others in its class it takes 2.5" SATA drives, so it's pocket-sized. It's probably pretty useful if you're carrying around sensitive company data and are worried about theft. Or you are a spy with a taste for Brando products, who will sell it to you for $US56. [Brando]

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