Bowflex has Nothing on This Crazy Cubicle Gym Gadget Combo

cubicle_workout.jpgWhy buy an expensive home gym when you can get a cheaper, gimmicky full-body workout from the comfort of your desk at work? Grab a Springflex UB that attaches easily to your desktop and target your upper body with over 120 exercises, and then hit the lower body with the Gamercize Power Stepper for your PC.

At only $US89.95 for the Springflex and around $230 for the Power Stepper, this combo is certainly a cheaper alternative to most home gym systems —but if you want to actually get in shape, it may be worth the extra cash and get something that isn't completely ridiculous. Speaking of ridiculous, stripping down to short shorts to do a workout in your office cubicle is not recommended. [Springflex via Random Good Stuff]

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