Blood-Pen Brings New Terror to the Phrase "Write This Out 1000 Times"

quill_3.jpgIn an age of e-books and e-paper, it's nice to find someone going back to flesh-and-blood traditions. Like Bob Partington, who has designed a beautiful fountain pen with a Buffy-ish twist: it uses a syringe full of your latest victim's blood for ink. Seeing it in action goes from "eeek" to "I think I'm going to faint":



There's something creepily fascinating about this pen: maybe its the jaunty feather attached at the end, or those plastic mechanics squeezing blood out of the syringe onto the nib. Maybe it's the same fascination you get when driving past a car crash. Either way, if you're in Spain and want to see it, it's showing this week from the 16th to 18th in the Bread and Butter, Untitled Exhibition in Barcelona. [The KDU]

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