Biometric System Narcs On Kids Eating Habits at School

In an effort to curb unhealthy eating habits, one Catholic school in Utah has implemented a biometric finger scanning system that is used to track what kids are eating during lunch. Parents are then given the information in hopes that they will use it to help children make better choices.

Here is the thing though—the parents probably have the same horrible eating habits, so it would be hard to dole out the discipline without looking like a hypocrite. Besides, if the school is so concerned about the kids nutritional welfare, why do they continue to serve them crap food? Oh, and the school claims that that the stored information recorded has "no forensic value." Yeah right. I'll bet you drop one joint on the ground behind the school and your fingerprints combined with data indicating that you enjoy large quantities of sugary and salty snack foods will do you in. [Breitbart]

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