BFG BBQ Shoots the Crap Out of Your Meatfest

We are not strangers to a crazy BBQ design or two, but this BFG BBQ—think Doom weapon, not friendly giant—takes the proverbial biscuit. Spotted on Flickr, and the work of an unknown Texan, the grill stands 19-feet long, has a 36" x 60" primary grill and a 12" x 36" secondary grill. The handle houses a fire box, while the front sight and range star logo enclose dampers. Check out the gallery for some more awesome shots.

BFG Grill Gal2 GI.jpgBFG Grill Gal3 GI.jpgBFG Grill Gal1 GI.jpg

The Flikr page reads, "Heck, it's Texas, what did you expect?" Nothing less, Texas. Nothing less, whatsoever. [Flickr via Born Rich]

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