Belkin TuneBase and TuneCast More Formally Announced

TBFM_iPhone_iPod.JPGThe product: The Belkin TuneBase FM and TuneCast Auto (the Tunebase with car charger) are Belkin's newest FM transmitters to send music from your iPhone and iPod through your radio.

The catch: While these new models are really just updates to what Belkin's been offering for years, there aren't really any catches since if you don't like the sound of FM, they offer a line out that can be used for a direct stereo connection.

Belkin claims "a majority of MP3 owners listen to MP3s in their car," so we guess these Belkin devices still have relevance in the market, which is sort of amazing considering how long ago Belkin started making FM iPod accessories.

The TuneBase FM will run you about $US100 when it's available this April, while the TuneCast Auto is surprisingly less expensive at only $US80 this February.

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