Belkin SOHO KVM Gets Sexy Update

SOHO_KVM.JPG"What's that??" Brian Lam asks as he drools over my screen. "It's just a USB hub, but it looks super sexy," I respond. "Yeah, it does," he reaffirms, wiping the saliva from my keyboard quickly. The new Belkin SOHO KVM, a means to share a monitor, keyboard and mouse (or just an iPod) between two or more computers, think of the KVM as a really great USB hub. Coming in 2 or 4 ports and offering flavors like VGA and DVI, the new SOHO is sexy, appears easy to use and looks small enough to fit in Jason Chen's ever tighter-growing pants (in certain, crotchal regions, at least). Starting at $US159, you know our motto: we'll pay for beauty as long as we can touch.

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