Bath-O-Matic Fills Your Tub for US$8000

BathomaticControl.jpgFine, it's a little more complex than that. The Bath-O-Matic from Unique Automation is an automated bathtub filler that draws a bath just the way you like it. Through a touch screen interface, bathers can choose the temperature and height of the water, as well as any combination of oils, bubbles and fragrances.


The Bath-O-Matic is equipped to run on home automation equipment from AMX and Crestron if you want to fill your tub from the comfort of your couch, and can fit on tubs both old and new. It also includes a motorised plug so no water is wasted, and adjusts to pressure and outside temperature so you won't have to worry about getting burned. Just slap a toaster and an iPod on this baby, and I think we have a real winner. It sells for 4000 (about $8000) so you better get one before supplies run out. [Bath-O-Matic via CE Pro]

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