Batcave Home Theatre is an Ideal Location to Make Out With Catwoman

Batcave%20HTS%20GI.jpgQ: What could possibly be better than making out with Catwoman? A: Making out with Catwoman in a Batcave inspired home theatre. Although the guys at Elite HTS may not be able to help you pinpoint Catwoman, they have done a hell of a job at recreating the Batcave for your movie viewing/making out pleasure. We don't have any details at present, hell, we don't even know if there is a screen behind that huge, make-me-moist Batman shield, but who cares? Just look at it; it's perfection itself. Jump in for another beautifully batty image.

Batcave%202%20HTS%20GI.jpgThis effort makes our previous favourite Batcave look like a tragic mess, and although we are so excited, we are, at present, spontaneously generating 2.5A of electric current from our toes, we are also saddened immensely. Why so? Well, the chances of us ever having the Batcave home theatre are slimmer then us falling asleep, waking up as Will Smith and then filming The Pursuit of Happiness only to have it trash talked by film critics the world over. The chances are very slim. Oh, the torment. [Elite HTS (click through to gallery), via Slippery Brick]

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