Autopage C3 makes you a tiny bit more like James Bond

autopagec3wbond.jpgWhile it can't completely control a car like James Bond's tricked out BMW-controlling phone in Tomorrow Never Dies, Autopage's new C3 system can do pretty much everything else.

The C3 system gives a car owner a link to their vehicle from anywhere they get cell phone reception, using either java-based software or a WAP interface. The pictures we have show the java interface on a Nokia, but Autopage assures us that the WAP interface gives C3 iPhone compatibility as well.

Among its many features, C3 can unlock and start your car, track it via GPS, alert you to unwanted car movement, and arm your car alarm. Paranoid parents can also set a "speed alert" that will message them when the car exceeds a certain preset speed.

The price for all of this control starts at $US149 for a year of "basic usage" which offers the full feature set, but is limited to 200 uses per month - unlimited use costs $US249 per year. The system itself is installed as an aftermarket product and will cost around $US1000 when it is released in two weeks.

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