Audiovox's Aftermarket Backup Camera Mounts Behind Your Licence Plate

audiovoxrearcam.jpgThe Pitch: Get a backup camera in your car without buying a new car with the feature built-in. Avoid backing over children and dogs by seeing a whole lot more than your mirrors show. It's waterproof and won't block your license plate. The Catch:While they say it stays hidden behind the license plate, sticking a $350 gadget on the outside of your car is just asking for it to get stolen. Hit the jump for the full release.


Prevents Obstruction to License Plate Data-Minimizes Theft

Las Vegas NV - January 2008 - Audiovox Corporation (NASDAQ: VOXX) today announced its newest collision avoidance system that is a company first. A wireless camera that mounts on the back side of the vehicle license plate holder, making it nearly invisible, which not only reduces the risk of theft, but also prevents any obstruction to the data on the plate (It is illegal in most states to block license plate data). In addition the camera is the first product to provide wireless transmission to the monitor inside the vehicle. For ease of installation, the vehicle's back-up lights rather than the vehicle power source supply camera power.

The camera angle is adjustable to accommodate different size vehicles and the lens comes complete with a 130-degree wide-angle view. The 4.5-inch TFT color screen delivers 640 x 480 resolution and 400 cd/m makes the screen ideal for daytime viewing. An AC adapter plug and hardwired power cord for the monitor as well as both a visor clip and suction cup monitor mount are included.

Other features include a selectable normal or mirror image view and a waterproof weather-resistant camera housing. Model ACA450: MSRP $299.00

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