Asus to Debut US$500 iMac-Like All-In-One

EEEhand.jpgAsustek has announced it is adding an iMac-like all-in-one PC and a large-screen LCD TV with integrated Linux to its Eee PC line. The $500 all-in-one is expected to launch in September and should be seen as a companion to the Eee PC desktop model. The president of the Taiwan-based company revealed a few more juicy bits of info, as well.

Jerry Shen, head honcho of Asustek, confirmed that the E-DT desktop will be monitorless, and between US$200-300 when it comes out in April or May. The E-monitor all-in-one is aimed at the iMac market with a 19- to 21-inch screen and integrated TV tuner. Both these products will eventually share Intel's Shelton '08 platform. The E-TV will enter into the 42-inch-plus LCD TV class, while integrating the Linux PC functions of the Eee line. The aim is to keep its price no more than US$200 above its competitors.

Shen also broke the news that, contrary to rumour, there will be no touchscreen for the Eee PC. Apparently, their research showed that there was little demand for it. Fine, be that way. [DigiTimes]

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