Apple Lets You Keep iTunes Video Rentals Longer Than 24 Hours, No Hacks Required

300.jpgOkay, so we tried basically every way we could think of to warp, twist and otherwise hack the laws of iTunes rentals time and space in order to give you guys more than 24 hours to finish a flick. Turns out, no black magic is needed. Apple knows an exact, single day just isn't enough (Hollywood's a bitch), and they've actually built in an extension—at least on an iPod nano.

Chris Breen over at Macworld left a rented Spidey 3 paused on his nano overnight. It passed the expiration date. But, he hit play and it kept going. Here's the nugget: When he clicked menu, (rightly) expecting to get a movie expired message, he got this: "This rental has expired. You can resume to finish your movie." He was given the choice to delete or resume the flick, effectively adding extending its life beyond that of a fruitfly. And that's all we really want.


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