Apple Keynote Index Fund Lays Out Your Jobsnote Money-Making Chances

applekeynoteindex.pngThe unspoken conventional wisdom around MacWorld every year is that you can make a good deal of money buying up Apple stock before the keynote and dumping it afterwards, cashing in on hyped up traders high on Jobs' ass fumes (a.k.a. his bullshit cloud or RDF).

The Keynote Index Fund, however, lays out exactly how much each previous keynote raked in in terms of dollars and percentages if you bought and dumped either on the day or the following. Even though the past two rounds have been fantastic thanks to the MacBook Pro and the iPhone, you risk taking a loss if you look at the four years previous to that—when things were less OMG! PONIES! and more OMG! MY MONEY! [Keynote Index Fund]

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