Alpine IDA-X100 iPod Headunit: Cool UI, Tags HD Radio Songs for iTunes Purchase

The Basics: Alpine's IDA-X100 is a foreign affair coming stateside in the spring. Not only does the 2.2-inch touchscreen mime the iPod's UI, but it has Bluetooth audio streaming, a USB port for memory stick audio playback, HD/Sat radio readiness, a "Tag and Sync" function that allows for keying of HD radio songs for later purchas eon iTunes, AAC and WMA support. It also has IMPRINT tech for mapping a car's acoustical peculiarities and overcoming. The line, a follow up to the IDA-X001, includes X200 and X300 models lower down the food chain that lack the nice screen. A pity they don't get that cool flip clock.

iDA-X100Imprint sound processingTag and Sync iTunes/HD RadioPicture 7.pngIDA-X300IDA-X200IDA-X100

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