Ajoka Buckle Digital Camera Records from Your Belt, Makes You Styleless James Bond

buckleDVR300.jpgA digital video recorder with built-in micro camera and high quality recorder disguised as a belt buckle that could make Chuck Norris proud? My life is now complete. Thanks to Ajoka and their full-colour, sound-enabled Buckle DVR now you too can be an spy, a private dick and a Geek Squad technician. Yes, it looks like crap, but the specs are not bad at all:


According to Ajoka, the Buckle DVR can record 33 hours of audio and video in one 1GB microSD card, even while the rechargeable lithium battery can only last for two hours. These are the specs:

• Dimension: 2.54" (H) * 1.47" (W) * 0.60" (D)
• Video Compression? 3GP video format, 176x144 ,QCIF / 15fps
• Voice Recording: High quality digital voice recording.
• Internal Memory? No
• Micro SD card / T-Flash card support? 128MB to 2GB ( Not included)
• Recording Mode? Continuous recording until memory is full or manually turn off
• Video File Size? >500KB per minute

Absolutely Batworthy for $US150. [Ajoka]

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