Aaron Broder, Kid Reporter Blitzes CES, Gets the Scoops

aaron_broder.jpgMeet Aaron Broder, the 14-year-old reporter and member of the Scholastic Kids Press Corps. He's covering CES from start to finish. Chaperoned by his mum, the resourceful young man convinced the CES suits to bend the "no one under 16, no exceptions" rule to grant him a press pass. Good move, because after all, there are millions of people his age who are tech experts (and who read Gizmodo), and it's about time they got some press representation.

Aaron is one of 50 young people chosen to report news from all over the world for website Scholastic News Online and Scholastic's classroom magazines. Look for Aaron's take on CES there, as well as his impressions of your humble Gizmodo narrators and our peculiarities. If the next generation of reportage is represented by go-getters like Aaron, the future looks bright. [Scholastic News Online]

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