A Whole Bunch of Nu Nuvis from Garmin

Garmin%20nuvi%20880.jpgWhat's What: Four new Nuvis. The 4.3-inch 880's big gun is new speech recognition with a steering wheel-mounted push-to-walk remote, and burnt coffee lovers can bark out commands like "find nearest Starbucks." Intended for Hummer drivers, the nuvi 5000 ($800) has a massive 5.2-inch touchscreen and the usual higher-end Garmin features, available next month.

Garmin nuvi 5000Garmin nuvi 260WGarmin nuvi 780Garmin nuvi 260W

The 700 series gets bumped to the 780, with new MSN Direct content, and the 260w adds almost another inch of screen real estate to the highly recommended 200 series, stretching it to 4.3 inches. What's Ehh: If you didn't want one before, you probably still won't.

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