8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt Measures Proximity to Lovers, Zelda Wannabes

8-bit_dynamic_life_beforeandafter.jpgTwo shirts, two lovers, a bunch of hearts and one shared bad clothing taste or a shared obsession with Zelda. Or both. In any case, this proximity-based 8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt is a recipe for style disaster. Or absolute happiness. Probably depending on your alcohol mana or yellow smiley pills stamina levels, as the animated diagram andjust added video show.

In the words of purveyors of all things absurd, Think Geek, this is "the ideal Valentine's Day Gift." And in the immortal words of Addy: "no, no, no, no. NO." Available now for US$24.99 each plus the transmitter pack that senses the presence of your Other One. Tech-nological RO-MANCE!* [Think Geek]

* Bonus Valiumtimes Video

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