80GB PS3 Moving Aside for PS3 Elite With 120 or 160GB Hard Drive, Dual Shock 3

ps3120.jpgSo, it looks like Sony is nixing the 80GB PS3. But not for single model simplicity. Shnope, Sony is introing a re-juiced, re-jiggered top SKU: Ars' fairly reliable source says that the new box will be packed with a 120 or 160GB hard drive and a Dual Shock 3, which is due out on side of the lake in fairly short order. No, it's not really called the PS3 Elite. I hope.

AU: Considering the 80GB model never actually made it to Australia, this actually sounds feasible. I reckon it will probably launch in conjunction with Play TV in Europe - you need a bigger hard drive for all that PVR functionality, after all.

Obviously, the refreshed line is a shot at the Xbox 360 Elite, with its sorta heavy 120GB of storage. The difference is that Microsoft gets online distribution much better than Sony does, so there's actually content to put on your hard drive. Hopefully this storage in search of stuff to store is a sign of a tsunami waiting to burst through Sony's pipes and into your PS3, but we kinda doubt it. History, etc. [Ars]

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